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How It Works - Landowners

How it Works - Landowners

Why list your property on HLRBO?

HLRBO has thousands of hunters all over the country looking for a variety of hunting opportunities. Long and short term leases, hunting guides, and game farms. Best of all HLRBO is completely free.

How much is it to list on HLRBO?

HLRBO is completely free. Create a listing for free. Contact hunters for free. Lease your land out for free. You keep all of the money from your lease.

Any questions? Need assistance?

We are happy to help with any listing questions or to create a listing for you. Please feel free to Contact Us.

Potential Earnings

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The HLRBO Leasing Process

Creating Your HLRBO Listing

Create your listing

It’s free and easy to create a listing on HLRBO. Describe your land, add photos and set the price and availability of your land. Our pricing tool can recommend competitive price, but what you charge is always up to you.

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Lease your land

Agree on a price and terms of a hunting lease for your land and keep 100% of the lease price. HLRBO is completely free for land owners. There is no charge to list or when you lease. You keep all of your earnings.

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Welcome HLRBO Hunters

Get to know hunters before arrival by messaging them on HLRBO. Show hunters your land by scheduling property visits, use our free lease templates and get your land leased out to responsible HLRBO hunters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I charge?

There is no strict guideline to what you can charge for your hunting land. This is completely up to the landowner. Traditionally hunting leases are negotiated on a dollar per acre basis and are for all hunting types for the year. Please check out our price estimation tool.

Should I require hunting lease insurance?

HLRBO cannot and will not be liable for any damage to your property caused by irresponsible hunters. However, there are several ways in which you can limit your risk. First, a written agreement that puts the legal responsibility on the hunters for any damages or repairs is a must. Second, you are not under any obligation to rent or lease your property’s hunting rights to anyone that contacts you through HLRBO. You should at the very least ask them for references or even do a background check. Finally, set clear expectations of how you expect hunters to act while hunting on your property and put them in the written agreement.

How much does HLRBO Cost?

HLRBO is a free service. We do not charge land owners to create a listing and we do not charge hunters to contact land owners. HLRBO does some paid services such as our Lease Finder Service.

Can you help setup my listing?

Yes definitely. HLRBO will be happy to help you create a listing. Please contact us [email protected].

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