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For many years, hunters could use public lands for their sport. Unfortunately, these days, many public lands have been sold to private development firms or closed to hunters, forcing people who love this sport to look for other ways to enjoy it. For many hunters, a hunting lease is an easy way to guarantee that they will have access to land that is open for hunting. With a dwindling supply of public land, hunting leases are becoming more common year after year. As any hunter knows, one of the most straightforward ways to boost the odds of bagging a big buck is by leasing hunting land. This is because private land offers a better chance of a successful hunt. At HLRBO, we make leasing land for hunting more effortless than ever.

What is a hunting lease?

According to the National Deer Alliance, a hunting lease is a simple agreement between a landowner and a hunter or hunt club that provides hunting access /rights to the hunters for some form of compensation. The amount paid and other landowner requirements are all agreed upon in advance and documented in the lease agreement.

History of hunting leases

Modern hunting leases first became popular in the southern United States, with some of the earliest examples of Texas’s hunting leases in the 1930s. As public access to ¬land has grown increasingly scarce, hunting leasing has reached astronomical new popularity. Between 1989 and 2000, U.S. sportsmen’s total amount of money to lease hunting grounds doubled, reaching $625 million in 2000. A 2001 survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found that 982,000 hunters in the U.S. leased hunting land, averaging about 229 acres each at an average rate of $2.27 per acre

Your Questions Answered

Finding a hunting lease with HLRBO

Finding the perfect spot to hunt is difficult, time-consuming, and increasingly expensive. There are often numerous hunting locations nearby that are either unknown or unavailable. HLRBO would like to help you find the perfect hunting location. HLRBO has access to 800,000+ landowners all over the United States. We want to put that network to work for you to help you find your next hunting lease. Our custom lease finder program is quick and easy. We do all the work for you.
  • Specify your locations, budget, and when you are looking to lease and, HLRBO will start searching for your perfect lease.
  • HLRBO will send you lease options matching your criteria; if you are interested, contact the landowner directly with questions or to lease.

Benefits of hunting leases

One of the biggest challenges facing hunters is the risk of trespassing. We all know that not every plot of privately-owned land is effectively marked. This means hunters are vulnerable to prosecution or at least a fine. Paying for a lease is a quick and easy way to eliminate the risk of trespassing, and you’ll have the freedom to hunt with peace of mind, knowing you have the landowner’s blessing. You’ll also have access to land that isn’t overly hunted. This means that the animal population will likely be denser and give you a more significant chance for a successful hunt. When you lease land, you will likely develop a relationship with the landowners; this can help your future hunting endeavors.

Landowner Benefits

  • Additional Income - Hunting leases create new income sources and increase return on investment. Specify your locations, budget, and when you are looking to lease and, HLRBO will start searching for your perfect lease.
  • Control - Know who is on your property. Hunting leases help eliminate trespassers and poachers.
  • Liability Coverage - All hunters are required to carry a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance.
  • Crop Damage Reduction - Hunting leases can be beneficial to reduce crop damage by managing wildlife populations.

I’m a landowner. I think my property would be a good hunting lease; what can I do?

HLRBO makes hunting leasing easy and convenient for both hunters and landowners. If you are a landowner, click here. HLRBO will guide you through the free process of listing your property for lease.
  • Create your listing. It is free and easy to list on HLRBO. Describe your land, add photos, and set the price and availability of your land. HLRBO even has a pricing tool to recommend competitive pricing.
  • Welcome your HLRBO hunters. Get to know hunters before arrival by messaging them on HLRBO. Show hunters your land by scheduling property visits, use our free lease templates, and get your land leased out to responsible HLRBO hunters.
  • Lease your land. Agree on a price and terms of a hunting lease for your land and keep 100% of the lease price.
  • HLRBO is entirely free for landowners. There is no charge to list or when you lease. You keep all of your earnings.
HLRBO has thousands of hunters all over the country looking for a variety of hunting opportunities. Long and short-term leases, hunting guides, and game farms. Best of all, HLRBO is completely free. Create a listing for free—contact hunters for free. Lease your land out for free. You keep all of the money from your lease.

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