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Factors to Consider When Leasing Your Property

How many hunters are you going to allow?

It is important when making your written agreement to consider how many hunters you will allow to use your land. The more hunters you will allow will increase the value to hunters, allowing you to ask for a higher price.

How many different types of hunting are available?

The more opportunities that are available the more desirable the property to the hunter. So consider all of the hunting opportunities that are open in your area, even though you may not think they are commonly hunted.

Does your land have a healthy population of certain types of game?

Do you have a large flock of Turkeys on your property or a monster Buck? Make sure that you include information like that in your listing and if possible photos. There are motion cameras that you can set up to take pictures that will go a long way with hunters looking for a place to hunt. Possibility of success is a huge draw and will allow you to charge accordingly.