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Why lease on HLRBO?

HLRBO makes it easier than ever to lease your property to responsible hunters. Create a free listing in 5 minutes or less have it reviewed by HLRBO and be in front of HLRBO's 20,000+ hunters. There are no fees or commissions and hunters contact you directly with questions or to lease.

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What about safety?

One of the main concerns many landowners have is safety, and with HLRBO we provide you with all of the tools to ensure a great experience leasing out your property to hunters. We provide options for hunting lease insurance to protect your property and the ability to talk with and meet hunters prior to leasing your propety.

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Responsible hunters

Responsible hunters are a priority for HLRBO. With verified email addresses, phone numbers and hunters profiles we let you decide when and to whom you lease your property and if you have questions we are here to help.

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Leasing in 3 steps


List your property

List your property for free, no fees or commissions, in 5 minutes or less. Add photos, videos, a quick description and submit it to HLRBO for review.


Decide how to lease

Choose your own schedule, prices, and requirements for hunters. We’re there to help along the way.


Welcome your first hunter

Once your listing is live, qualified hunters can reach out. You can message them with any questions and setup a time for them to view the property.

I don't have alot of spare time to going beating feet trying to find a hunting lease that suits, my self and my family and friends. You have an great site and make it easier for us. Thank you!

- Ben A

HLRBO has been dynamite for us! We are currently leased out on the River Farm and expect a signed deal with the Sugar Creek by the end of this week. Thank you for all the help and direction. We will most certainly look forward to working with HLRBO next year and beyond.

- Conor O

It’s a great service, I got about twenty inquiries the first day, even with an incomplete listing (which I’ve now completed). You have a wonderful site

- James J

We’ve got you covered

We know it’s a priority to trust the people leasing your property. HLRBO allows you to decide who, when and how you lease your property.

We also provide landonwers with a variety of insurance options to protect their propety in the unlikely event of any incidents.

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Ability to meet hunters prior to leasing
Set your own rules and lease terms
Email and chat with hunters directly on HLRBO

Payments made simple

Charge what you want

You always get to pick your price. Need help? We have tools to help you match demand in your area. Find out how many hunters are in your area looking, average budgets and other pricing information.

Learn how to make money on HLRBO
No fees. No commissions.

There’s no cost to sign up. And there are no fees or commissions. It's completely free for landowners and hunters contact you directly with questions or to lease.

Get paid quickly

With HLRBO you can use our online payment system to accept payment for your lease or you are also free to accept payment from hunters directly.

Learn how to make money on HLRBO


What is HLRBO?

HLRBO connects hunters with landowners. The community is powered by landowners, who provide hunters access and use of their property.

Learn how to make money on HLRBO
What is leasing?

You can earn money by leasing your land to hunters from all over the United States. When you lease and how you interact with hunters is completely up to you.

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How to setup a listing on HLRBO

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How HLRBO protects landowners

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How you make money on HLRBO

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